Panda Express Fundraiser

We have a Panda Express Night this coming Tuesday, November 13th. They are donating 20% of sales back to us.
This fundraiser is just like Zuppas where all you have to do is order, mention us, and eat. The fundraiser starts at 4 pm and runs until 8. Panda Express is off 12th Ave down by Walmart.

We have talked to Panda and they really want the flyer presented as you are paying before the payment is finalized so that we get the 20% credited to us. They will credit us if the parent mentions us, but they prefer the flyer presented either in paper form or digitally (think picture on your phone).

If you are unable to bring the flyer, Panda was insistent that you need to mention Centennial BEFORE PAYMENT is finalized, so the order can be credited. After payment has gone through, Panda is unable to credit us.


                                                                                   Click on the digital flyer to the right ------->