$2700 in Donations to Centennial's Students for the Arts Integration Program

We've received an amazing donation that will impact all of our students from a community partner that wishes to remain anonymous. What we'll be doing with that money: 
  1. $1500 to purchase 3 additional 3D printers for our Digital Creation Lab. This will benefit hands-on, creatively minded students in creating 3D art to display around campus and the community. 
  2. $1000 to fund art-enrichment activities for students that otherwise might not be able to take part in them due to funding or transportation needs. City Councilman Rodriguez also contributed $200 from his personal funds to support this program. 
That's a total of $2700 in donations that were committed to Centennial today. We are blessed by our community and by the extensive support offered. 
These donations were inspired in part by our first Student Artist of the Month, Liam McArthur, and his presentation at Nampa City Hall. Together with Principal Tripp, Liam helped people see a vision of what we are about at Centennial and made these donations possible. We look forward to future partnerships with our new community partner to enhance learning for students. 
Thank you to our amazing community and to City Councilman Rodriguez!