Creative Expressions Now at Centennial Elementary

Creative Expressions Now at Centennial Elementary
Posted on 01/10/2018
Creative ExpressionsThe 'Creative Expressions Class' has quickly become one of the most sought after classes at Centennial Elementary. 

Under the gifted tutelage of the esteemed Enrique Munoz,  our students are learning how to constructively express themselves through various artistic mediums. 

"It's my favorite!", states one excited student as she patiently waits for her next class with Mr. Munoz.  

"I'm not creative," some might say. 
"Yes you are!",  states Mr.  Munoz, with utter conviction.   And he can prove it!

Mr. Munoz has successfully awakened hidden talents in adults, as well as children as young as five, by engaging an expression of something inside the student, lying dormant, waiting for a way to get out. 

Currently, in his spare time, he also offers group classes to adults.